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NBA Trade Rumors: Chicago Bulls Sending Joakim Noah to Boston Celtics?

Joakim Noah / Shane Battier
Chicago Bulls' Joakim Noah (L) drives on Miami Heat's Shane Battier during Game 2 of their NBA Eastern Conference semi-final basketball playoff in Miami, Florida May 8, 2013. |

Chicago Bulls player Joakim Noah may be traded off to Boston Celtics because of his declining game performance, the latest NBA trade rumors say.

Joakim Noah used to be an "untouchable" player of the Chicago Bulls and he was part of the team's starting five. But now that the Bulls have a new coach and Noah no longer plays a major role in games, he may be traded off to the Boston Celtics, according to an All About Rookies report cited by Realty Today.

Nikola and Pau Gasol seemed to have taken over Noah's role in the team, so he is now spending lesser time on the court. In addition, his injury has already affected his performance this season, the report details.

A blog entry by Pippen Ain't Easy said Noah's performance has been declining because of his age and his lack of energy. In addition, he is not aligned with the Bulls' offensive tactic, so the team may be looking to trade him while he is still valuable, the report relays.

Rumor has it that Boston Celtics would be willing to take Noah in, as this would be a rare chance to snag a star player. If he gets back in shape, he will be a good addition to the Celtics' roster, especially because they do not need to sign a huge check just to lure Noah into the team, Australia Network News reports.

If Noah were to leave the Chicago Bulls, many other teams would benefit from a trade. The Bulls, for one, would probably be interested to acquire some of the Celtics' young talents, the report adds.

Meanwhile, there are also rumors brewing about DeMarcus Cousins' possible trade to the Boston Celtics. As of now, the Sacramento Kings is in a chaotic situation and they got off to a bad start in the 2015-2016 NBA Season, the NESN said.

The NBA trade rumor about Joakim Noah is still unconfirmed, so fans would have to wait and see how things work out for the Chicago Bulls player.

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