NBA Trade Rumors: Top Names to Follow

The NBA is nearing trading season, which has many fans questioning who will stay, who will trade, and who is anxious to flee their team.

The Orlando Magic is still holding out hope that it will be able to keep its center, Dwight Howard, for at least one more season. ESPN quoted sources close to the drafting process as saying that the team will spend the next 48 hours attempting to make a hard push to keep Howard.

Despite the team's desire to keep Howard however, the basketball player appears determined to become a free agent in order to pursue other teams.

Associates close to Howard have revealed that the player is interested in securing a spot in either New Jersey or Dallas, despite rumors of a deal with the Brooklyn Nets.

"Brooklyn is 1 and Dallas is 1-A," a source close to Howard told the ESPN, "but he hasn't made any decision. He hasn't even decided that he's leaving Orlando. If they can put one or two All-Star players around him, he'd consider staying. All he wants at this point is to play out the season with the Magic and be able to weigh his options."

Orlando Magic's decision concerning Dwight Howard has also affected other trade rumors.

Some have predicted a trade between Milwaukee Bucks center Andrew Bogut and Golden State Warriors guard Monta Ellis. The Warriors appear most interested in acquiring Bogut, while Orlando remained determined to prove to Howard that they can supply him with another talented player, and thus the teams have concluded a three-way trade.

"The Warriors would get Bogut from the Bucks and send Ellis to Orlando as part of the Magic's efforts to persuade Dwight Howard that they are prepared to continue surrounding him with top-flight talent," said the source.

Other trades could include Michael Beasley of the Minnesota Wolves as the team scopes out point guard Luke Ridnour or rookie forward Derrick Williams, while the Memphis Grizzlies may attempt to swap out O.J. Mayo despite his recent good behavior.