'NCIS LA' Season 9: Densi Wedding Finally Happening? What to Expect After Season 8 Finale

(Photo: CBS)A promotional still from "NCIS: LA" season 8.

"NCIS: Los Angeles" season 9 has long been announced so fans of the action police procedural should not worry about not seeing the gang in a new adventure.

With the intense events in the final episodes of "NCIS: LA" season 8, viewers would not want the show wrapping up especially since a Densi wedding may finally be coming up.

As executive producer R. Scott Gemmill teased about the "NCIS: LA" season-ender, the lives of Kensi and Deeks will never be the same. The same goes for Sam (LL Cool J), but in a different context.

The "NCIS: LA" season 8 finale Kensi (Daniel Ruah) proposed to Deeks (Eric Christian Olsen), who asked her several times in the past but did not get the yes, after watching Sam (LL Cool J) lose the love of his life and realizing how short life is.

Using the pin of a grenade as a makeshift ring, Kensi popped the question to Deeks, who grumbled that it should be him getting down on one knee and proposing before saying yes.

With the Densi engagement finally over with, fans hope that "NCIS: LA" season 9 will finally see the two tie the knot. There is nothing confirmed yet, but it looks like the show is on its way there.

As for Sam, it will be a whole new dynamic for him in "NCIS: LA" season 9 with his wife no more and his children off to military school. For the first time in a while, he is alone.

Despite this, Sam has shown that the tragedy did not cloud his judgement and logic as to how to approach the problem that befell him. Just recently, LL Cool J spoke to CBS Local about the character he played for eight years now.

"I'm definitely invested in the role. With the help of the writers obviously, we've turned this guy into a really special character that I think has the potential to be one of the iconic characters in America 20–30 years from now when people look back. I think this guy has values, he has principals," he said.

TV Fanatic hopes that Sam ends up being Hetty's (Linda Hunt) lieutenant in "NCIS: LA" season 9 while Nell (Renée Felice Smith) hopefully becomes a full-time agent.