'NCIS: New Orleans' Season 4 Episode 13 Spoilers: LaSalle Handles Family Emergency

Facebook/NCISNewOrleansPromotional photo for "NCIS: New Orleans."

LaSalle (Lucas Black) will request an urgent leave from work to return to his home town in the upcoming episode of "NCIS: New Orleans."

In the episode titled "Ties That Bind," the synopsis reveals that LaSalle will be heading to Alabama due to a family emergency. Apparently, the agent will receive an urgent call from home that will require him to take an-hour long plane trip to see what is wrong. The situation has something to do with his sister, Rose (Rebecca Luker). Fans of the series are aware that LaSalle has two siblings. In the past, they were acquainted to his father, Beau (Michael Angelo Pniewski), when the old man travelled to the Big Easy to visit him.

LaSalle's family owns an oil company back in Alabama. His dad wanted him to take over the business, but he refused. Beau's previous visit to his son was to convince him, yet again, to reconsider his decision. He still believes that LaSalle is strong enough to handle the ups and downs of handling such a demanding business. While the call from his family may be just a simple request to see him, it may also be due to an emergency. Pride (Scott Bakula) will send off his subordinate, hoping that everything is all right.

Meanwhile, the episode will also see the squad taking on a case involving the death of a petty officer. The official was murdered and the trail will lead the agents to a family-owned night club that has a special connection to Pride. His mother was once a performer in the said place. Viewers will see some of his backstory. In the show's storyline, Pride's mom remains unnamed. The only detail revealed about her is that she is dead. Last episode, the team met Sebastian's (Rob Kerkovich) high school friend who was being accused of hacking by the FBI.

"NCIS: New Orleans" season 4 airs Tuesday at 10 p.m. EST on CBS.