Netflix Android App Updated for Smartphones

The Netflix Android app has been updated for smartphones and runs more like the version found on tablets.

"Compared to the previous version, the new Netflix experience on Android phones is much more immersive," said Netflix on its official blog. "It is much closer to the Netflix experience on tablets, which got a major update this year."

Netflix runs on tablets similar to how it runs on computers. The smartphone update brings the app up to par with more powerful machines showing more titles and galleries. It also features a new browse row at the top of the screen that lets users continue watching content previously started. The genre lists can also now be accessed by tapping the browse menu.

Instant Queue is now available on the app's homescreen under the Top 10 list with a new experience area even further below that displaying several rows filled with personalized recommendations. By tapping any title, users can learn more about the movie or show and they can automatically watch the program by double tapping.

Netflix has also provided another reason to use the popular video-streaming service: "The Walking Dead" season 2 Netflix premiere has been announced for Sept. 30.

The long-awaited third season of the horror series will begin airing on Oct. 14, so Netflix users have just enough time to catch up for the premiere.

Season 2 begins after the series main character Rick and his group escaped from the CDC (Center for Disease Control). It was set ablaze by another character named Dr. Jenner, who gave up on finding a cure for the massive outbreak that had turned most of America's citizens into flesh-eating zombies.

AMC aired webisodes of "The Walking Dead" in between seasons 1 and 2 and the station is expected to do the same during the next few weeks before season 3 starts on Oct. 14. AMC still has the old webisodes from the previous seasons available on its website, but there have not been any official confirmations of new webisodes so far.