Netflix Tattoo Gets Man Free 1-Year Subscription Worth $215

A Netflix tattoo posted on a user's Twitter account got the attention of the movie and TV rental and online streaming company's attention. The user now has a year's worth of free Netflix service.

@TheRealMyron posted his tattoo of Netflix on March 8 on Twitter, and the company replied the same day saying: "NO WAY! Free year for you, look for DM RT @TheRealMyron: @netflix put me on a commercial I love you guys"

Netflix's response to @TheRealMyron's tattoo has been retweeted 153 times as of Sunday morning.

Netflix is offering @TheRealMyron its streaming-only plan, its unlimited DVDs plan, and he has access to Blu-Ray, too, which means the Netflix free year subscription is worth $215.76.

To this reward, @TheRealMyron told his followers, "Netflix tweeted me retweeted my Tattoo and gave me a free year tonight there is noway you can't believe in Netflix gang now it's a movement"

He also responded to the company, "@netflix thank you so much for the free year!!!! If you ever need me to do an ad I'm ready I'm a college student ready to work hard"