New Album, Company Show 'There is More' for Don Moen

Nearly half a year since releasing I Believe There is More abroad, award-winning Christian worship artist Don Moen has finally unleashed his latest album in the United States.

And like his last album more than two years earlier, I Believe There Is More marks another first for the Christian music veteran, who has produced 17 albums and sold over five million units over the course of his more than two decades-old career.

"This time, I've followed my heart and not my head," he said after taking the producer helm for the first time for I Believe There Is More.

Moen's prior album, Hiding Place, was his first full-length studio album and the first to leave out the applause typically heard on Moen's mostly live albums.

"I decided to make a change and take an unfamiliar road for Hiding Place," he said back in 2006.

And though Moen will be turning 60 in less than two years, the worship artist believes there are many more new paths that he'll be taking.

"Today, I'm once again writing and recording new music, fully persuaded that there is still more that God has for me to do," says Moen.

"That persuasion was the inspiration for my new album," he adds.

Aside from his music, Moen has also been busy with his new entrepreneurial venture, the Don Moen Company, which he launched last year to provide resources for the Church, especially in the area of worship, and to communicate Kingdom values to the culture at large.

To date, the Moen Company has created a radio division and acquired two worship websites, a Christian retail website, and a church media company.

"We intend to partner with organizations and leaders that have a passion for God's Kingdom," reported Moen Company President and CEO Chris Long.

Though it's hard to say how Moen's new endeavors will affect future albums, he says his newest album is his most personal recording because he did not squeeze his songwriting within confined slots of time.

"Writing was always something I crammed into the middle of a busy schedule," he admits. "But I've had time to live with these songs, and to be intentional about the writing process. I really think it's the most personal project I've ever done."

I Believe There Is More has been available to U.S. Christian retail stores through Provident-Integrity Distribution since its release Tuesday and is also being sold online at and It was released last September everywhere in the world except the United States and Canada.

The complete track listing for I Believe There Is More:

1. "The Greatness Of You" (writers Eric Cooper and Nathan LaGrange)
2. "Hail To The King" (writer Shannon Wexelberg)
3. "Mighty To Save" (writers Ben Fielding and Reuben Morgan)
4. "Thank God I'm Free" (writers Don Moen and Mia Fieldes)
5. "Be Glorified" (writer Don Moen)
6. "Be Lifted Up" (writers Don Moen and Mia Fieldes)
7. "I Believe There Is More" (writers Don Moen and Claire Cloninger)
8. "Be Praised" (writer Michael Gungor)
9. "Great Is Your Mercy" (writer Don Moen)
10. "O God Of Abraham" (writers Don Moen and Mia Fieldes)
11. "Painter Of The Sky" (writers Don Moen and Claire Cloninger)
12. "Grace Is Enough" (writers Don Moen and Mia Fieldes)
13. "I'll Say Yes" (writers Don Moen and Tony Woods)
14. "Saviour King" (writers Mia Fieldes and Marty Sampson)