New Book to Focus on Freedom through Submission

One of the world's most renowned evangelists and authors is emphasizing that the true path of the gospel of Jesus Christ is one characterized by submission and self denial.

"The nature of Christ is one of absolute submission," says Dr. K.P. Yohannan, president of Gospel of Asia (GFA), on the topic of his new book, "Touching Godliness through Submission."

Yohannan writes in his book that although submission to the way of Christ is a struggle that people face in their daily lives, it is also the path of freedom, healing, and blessing.

"You will find submission at the crossroads of every conflict in life," Yohannan said in a statement.

"From children and their parents to the worker and his boss to the citizen and his president, you'll find people struggling with the concept of submission to authority. This teaching touches on daily life no matter what our current role," he explained.

Yohannan writes in his book that our reluctant nature to submit stems largely from our tendency to rebel against God – a tendency present from the beginning since Adam and the fall of man.

It is when we submit to the full power of the gospel in the manner of Christ, however, that we can find freedom from the shackles of sin.

"As we surrender to the way of the cross and choose to submit, we find freedom, healing and blessing," he said.

Yohannan, a native of India, has written over 200 books and is one of the world's most active evangelists throughout South Asia.

His organization, GFA, was established to train biblical leaders and missionaries to pioneer and bring countries throughout Asia to the Lord Jesus Christ.