New Faith-Based Series Tackles Post-Apocalyptic World

(Photo: Facebook/Daily Bread)"Daily Bread" is a faith-based series created by Nina May which is currently available for streaming.

A new faith-based series is examining what a post-apocalyptic world void of technology would look like in the wake of a natural disaster.

The show is called "Daily Bread" and centers around a group of millennial women surviving with their wits, faith, guns and cookbooks as they try to help rebuild the world after a solar flare almost destroys it. While post-apocalyptic shows like AMC's "The Walking Dead" have risen in popularity, the show's creator, Nina May, revealed how the underlying themes in "Daily Bread" are unique.

"The theme stresses that if you aren't grounded in the truth and in absolutes you will become like the animals," May told Rapp News last year.

The show was created through May's nonprofit organization, Renaissance Women Productions (RWP), which sought to find new talent for the series.

"We're offering the educational opportunity for undiscovered talent and kids who feel the Lord has called them into the entertainment industry, but who don't want to sell their souls in Hollywood to fulfill that dream," May said in a statement. "We are about touching and changing lives and the culture, while telling compelling stories and serving the Lord at the same time."

The series has already gotten some respect from the likes of former Governor of Arkansas Mike Huckabee.

"It's entertaining, enlightening and encouraging, a post-apocalyptic drama with a marvelous message of hope. Imagine 'The Hunger Games' if the hunger was for God's righteousness and holding on to our humanity even when times are bleak," he said in a statement featured on the RWP website.

May explained the importance of making faith a central part of her series, explaining that it is what separates humans from animals.

"... If it's just about the food, that's what the animals do, and there are a lot of analogies we have to have in how animals are with each other and the kingdom, and an animal would do this, but a human being would not do that. Why would a human being not do that," she asked in a previous CBN report. "It's because he has a soul. He has a purpose. He has a spirit. He has a connection to God.

"When we strip all of this other stuff away and all of these distractions of the world, we are forced to look at the face of God."

"Daily Bread" is being streamed on platforms like Amazon, VHX and Christian Cinema. For more information, visit