New Film 'Grace Unplugged' To Help Christians 'OWN' Their Faith

A new Christian film "Grace Unplugged" is headed to theaters this fall, but Christians can enjoy its companion book "OWN IT" even sooner.

"Grace Unplugged" will follow a talented young singer whose Christian faith and family ties are tested when she pursues a music career in Hollywood despite her worship-leader father.

The powerful drama captures real-life issues with faith in today's society and explores the true meaning of success.

Michael Di Marco wrote its spin-off book, "OWN IT," and The Christian Post was able to speak to the author about the upcoming book, which hits shelves on Sept. 1.

In addition to writing over 40 book aimed at teens and young adults toward teens, and the award-winning, best-selling author is also a publisher and creative director at Hungry Planet. Di Marco also serves as a youth director at his church in Nashville, Tenn.

With the help of his wife Hayley, Di Marco channeled the message of "Grace Unplugged" into text after the producers of the film sought him for the task.

In "Own It," the author offers readers pointers on coming to terms with and strengthening their faith.

"Everyone has trouble owning their faith," Di Marco started. "We all come into faith differently; our journeys are all different, but there are two common paths to faith- you're either raised in it or it occurs after the deep realization of emptiness."

"Owning" your faith is when Christians accept that they do not have all of the answers to every question,

"Once that wears off, what parts of your faith are still your parents, or what parts are rooted in needing to be emptied," the author asked. "That's where we own our faith- when we own not only the things we believe, but the things we don't believe. Own your doubts, own the mystery of the gospel, own that that God is in control of things you know and things you don't know."

Di Marco also offered insight on not only deepening your walk with God, but advice for how to spread God's word with grace.

"When someone truly owns their faith, they walk, sleep, eat and sweat the gospel, and the gospel is not only spoken in word but seen in deed," he told CP.

"The Bible says Christians will be known by their love and by their fruit. I always encourage people to pray to God, not that they would be a more compelling apologetic debater for the gospel, but that they would pray for more fruit of the spirit in their life," the author added.

"That what truly shows that you own your faith, but more importantly, that the spirit owns you."

As for "Grace Unplugged," the poignant film hits theaters on October 4.

"It sets a new standard for faith based movies that aren't biographical or historical, and it feels like a Hollywood movie, which is a compliment," said Di Marco. "I guarantee you're going to love it," he added.

Watch the trailer for the film here.