New German Island Appears - Size of 25 Football Pitches Off German Coastline

A new German island has appeared about 15 miles off the coast of Schleswig-Holstein in the North Sea, according to reports.

A new land mass has seemingly risen from the water, measuring approximately 37 acres in size - the size of 25 football fields, according to The Daily Mail.

Scientists believe that the land has formed over the past few years through sandbanks rising up from the sea.

The new island off the coast of Germany has been attracting a large array of bird life, with Sea Gulls, geese, ducks, and even Peregrine Falcons being spotted by keen birdwatchers at the new land mass.

Locals have already given the name "Bird Island" to the land mass, due to its popularity with the bird life.

The entire island is made out of sand dunes, however, it has also been able to grow extensive plant life. So far researchers have identified 49 separate forms of plants on the island, according to The Inquisitr.

It is believed that coastal winds have allowed plant seeds to blow across from the mainland and land on the island, helping the plant life to flourish.

Some sand dunes on the island have also been measured as being a massive 16 feet high above sea level.

Local German media have been boasting about the island, comparing it to Dubai's man-made Palm Island. Bild has written: "Who needs an artificial island off the coast of Dubai?" in a humorous comparison between the two.

However, that same publication has also spoken to local biologists, who claim that the island may not be such a permanent fixture off the German coast. Biologist Martin Stock has told Bild: "A strong storm flood could wipe the island out overnight. The plants do not have the roots necessary yet to bind the dunes together."