New iPad Leaked Photos: iPad 5 Release to Feature Thinner Bezel, Slight Redesign (PHOTO, VIDEO)

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(Photo: leaked photo alleges to show the new ipad 5 bezel.

New iPad leaked photos have hit the Internet this week, as rumors continue to swirl that Apple is working on a new tablet with a slightly new redesign.

The leaked photos of the new iPad apparently show the new tablet with a much thinner bezel, and seemingly confirms rumors that Apple will redesign the iPad 5.

The photos are also consistent with reports that the new iPad will resemble the iPad Mini, and the overall redesign is not that drastic.

The thinner bezel on the sides will help to make the new iPad slightly smaller while maintaining the 9.7 inch screen, according to reports.

The new leaked photos were obtained by the blog, and of course Apple has remained tight-lipped over the leaked photos and all rumors surrounding the next generation tablet.

Apple generally refuses to offer any details of its future products, allowing rumors and speculation to run wild and build up huge anticipation of its new releases. The company then holds a big release that unveils everything about the new devices, and helps them receive a huge climax of publicity.

Various reports have claimed that Apple has not yet even started production on the iPad 5 yet, and so no precise date has been set for its unveiling or release. However, rumors speculate that the California-based company will commence manufacturing of the new iPad some time later this summer.

A source at a Taiwan-based supply chain recently claimed that Apple plans to begin volume production on the tablet starting this summer.

That would of course counter other recent rumors that pointed to the new iPad launching as early as this month.

Apple does normally launch a new iPad model during the first few months of the year. However, last year those plans were altered when the company decided to launch two iPads in the same year.

Here is a video showing potentially what the new iPad 5 could look like: