New iPhone 5 Costs $800? – Twitter Goes Wild With Speculation

Twitter users were in a tizzy Thursday morning when a rumor started circulating on the social networking site that the new iPhone 5 from Apple, Inc. would reportedly cost $800 – leaving some to speculate that the coveted device must do some really special things.

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(GottaBeMobile)An alleged leaked image of the new iPhone 5, expected to drop in September or October 2012.

One Twitter user named Alexander Howard suggested, "[The] iPhone 5 $800? It better be bulletproof, waterproof, damage proof, dirt proof and also fireproof. Siri better twerk on demand too."

Others who found the rumored hefty price tag to be overboard, chimed in with similar comments, prompting the phrases "#800DollarsForAniPhone" and "iPhone 5 $800" to appear on Twitter's Trend List.

Daniel Sean wrote, "[The] iPhone 5 $800? Siri better turn into a jet pack when I put it on Airplane Mode."

"Iphone 5 $800, lebron X $ 315, I better be able to call the president on speed dial and jump too and from the moon," wrote NyJaee Washington.

A user named "Left" tweeted, "#800DollarsForAniPhone? During Face Time conversations, the people better appear in life sized, 3-D holograms like Tupac during Coachella."

It was unclear how the iPhone 5 rumor started, but several others on the social media netowrk tried to calm consumers, reminding them that Apple has yet to actually release a price point for the new iPhone 5.

Google Facts noted, "[The] iPhone 5 $800' is trending worldwide. However, Apple have not released any official price yet."

An account named "iTweetFacts" backed that up, writing, "Apple has not yet released any info on how much the new iPhone will cost, iPhone 5 $800 is just a myth, not a fact."

Popular electronics and technology news site CNET reported earlier this week that Apple plans to unveil the new iPhone 5 and new iPad Mini during a special event on Sept. 12, 2012.

The iPhone 4S, released last year with the popular Siri feature, started at $199 for those signing up for the first time with carriers AT&T, Verizon and Sprint.