New iPhone Release Date August 2013? iPhone 5S, iPhone 6

The latest version of the iPhone could be released as soon as August, according to the latest Mac rumors.

A new report has stated that the iPhone 5S could be revealed as soon as the end of this summer. According to rumors, the new phone could be slimmer and contain a better screen display. Additional reports have suggested an update to the camera, which would make both the camera and the flash larger for higher quality pictures.

But perhaps the most anticipated feature update will be the possibility of wireless charging.

Apple filed a patent application last month for a Wireless Power Utilization, which is actually a wireless charging system that uses near-field magnetic resonance (NFMR). This type of wireless charging would be a big improvement over the latest current technology, which requires users to put their handsets on a pad in order to juice up, according to CP tech reporter Vincent Funaro.

The release date for the new iPhone 5S could be as soon as August 2013, according to Apple Insider. The site also suggested that the new and improved phone could come at a more affordable price.

Keeping up with pace, Apple could also introduce an iPhone 6 as soon as next year. The new phone could feature a polycarbonate body and may have a 4.5-inch screen display. The newer phone may be thicker, however, than the current phone models. The price point of the phone could be as low as $350, a jump down from the current rate of $650. Wireless charging and lower prices could help Apple to gain a more significant edge over its competition.