New iPod Touch to Launch Alongside iPhone 5 With A Larger Display

Apple is reportedly planning to release a new version of the iPod Touch alongside its upcoming sixth-generation iPhone in the fall of this year.

A new report from the Japanese technology website Macotakara states that Apple is preparing an updated iPod Touch for launch this fall and that it will match the next-generation iPhone in providing a longer, 4-inch display.

The site also stated that the new media device will feature the A5 processor currently included in the iPhone 4S and have a rear shell that is similar to the iPad's. The tablet sports a buffed aluminum shell, while the iPod Touch line has a stainless steel backing. It is also expected to have a hole toward the bottom back of the device, but the report is unsure of its function.

The iPhone 5 is expected to launch in the fall.

A report released last week contradicted some of the previous rumors that stated that the iPhone 5 already went into production.

Apple puts its devices through multiple stages before a product is manufactured, including an "engineering verification test" stage and the "design verification test" phase, according to the BGR.

The publication's sources have stated that the iPhone 5 is currently in the first of those two phases.

In order to get an idea of when the next-generation iPhone will hit stores, Apple fans can look at the production schedule of Verizon's iPhone 4. The device went into the EVT stage in the middle of November 2010 and did not enter into DVT until December of that year. It finally launched on the carrier in February 2011.

If the final version of Apple's next iPhone has not started production yet, the device's release is not as close as some media sources are reporting.

The site also confirmed specifications for the device that included it having 1GB of RAM, integrated 4G LTE radios, and NFC (near-field-communications) hardware. The device should be released at the end of September or early October, according to reports.