New Maga-book Emphasizes Virtue Over Vogue

TeenVirtue offers girls a biblical alternative to today's culture

A new teen girl magazine has taken a spin on the common messages seen in most popular magazines today. Called "TeenVirtue," the "maga-book" publication offers young girls a Christ-centered alternative to America's promiscuous culture.

"Our girls have been bombarded by the 'girl power' movement. There are no rules when it comes to dress, and sex outside of marriage is considered the norm," said best-selling author Vicki Courtney.

With clothes getting smaller and girls becoming more influenced by secular culture, Barlowgirl also takes a stand on virtue. "In a world that constantly bombards us with impurity and immodesty, we feel called to take a stand against what the world is telling us is acceptable. Especially in the area of clothing and modesty," said the all girl band.

TeenVirtue addresses many of the contemporary issues that young girls face such as dress, eating habits, peer pressure and purity.

"Girls today are lacking rest in their souls and longing for new direction," said Courtney. "We know the 'good way' and we must be committed to showing them. We can no longer remain silent."

The maga-book, which was written to be a "teen girl's survival guide," features short articles and teen quizzes that have biblical answers and "emphasizes virtue over vogue," said Courtney.

While many teen girls have lost faith in the "beauty comes from the inside" adage, Courtney reassures them of its truth. She says true beauty is living out one's faith in Christ.

"A girl who loves Jesus more than life can't help but shine from the inside out."

Along with articles that provide dating advice, the magazine also addresses parents to be more open with their teens about teen girl matters and helps moms see the current issues their daughters face.

"It's time for a new and better women's movement!" said Courtney.

TeenVirtue is published by Broadman & Holman, the trade books division of LifeWay Christian Resources.