New TV Show Features 'Second Takes' on Life

A new television show called "Second Take" marked its global launch Saturday, broadcasting on The Daystar Television Network, which reaches over two billion homes in two hundred countries.

Filmed and produced by youth from the Spokane, Wash.-area, "Second Take" features the stories of young people who have come face to face with their addictions and conquered them through the power of Jesus Christ.

"A second take is when a scene or production has been compromised to the degree that it cannot be salvaged. It must be re-made," explain promoters of the new show.

And, as the show intends to point out, Jesus Christ has helped countless teens among the millions around the nation and world who are struggling everyday with deadly addictions, including drugs, alcohol, sexual promiscuity, self-mutilation and even suicide.

"Our goal is clear, our mission is simple. We're making Jesus famous!" exclaim the show's producers, The Rev Ministries.

The non-profit organization is encouraging people or people who know others who struggle with an addiction or other stronghold, or have overcome a tremendous obstacle in their life, and would like to share it to email their story.

"It is our sincere desire that this show not only serves as a form of entertainment, but as a tool that opens the eyes of millions and helps them to see, that through the power of Jesus Christ, they too can turn their lives around and have their very own second take," The Rev Ministries states.

The youth-based ministry is also encouraging supporters of the show to become "Key Partners" by donating to their efforts on a monthly basis.

"Our partners are 'key' to this ministry turning the hearts of a generation back to God," they expressed Monday.

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