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New Website Connects Blogging Pastors to Utilize Experiences

New Website Connects Blogging Pastors to Utilize Experiences

A new website is connecting blogging pastors and ministers to one another on a single platform in hopes of raising newer generations of believers and Christian leaders while also encouraging and inspiring even more experienced ones.

Launched last month by The Christian Post Company, The Shepherd Post allows Christian leaders to share experiences from their ministry fields – both positive and negative – to steer others from the pitfalls they've encountered and to ultimately encourage quick developments in ministry tactics and strategies.

The website's motto: "As iron sharpens iron, so one man sharpens another" from Proverbs 27:17.

"Today we're living in a time where society is speeding up and forcing us to adapt to changes much more quickly than we're used to. This in turn is having a big effect on the Church," says Joseph La Fleur, CEO of The Christian Post Company. "The Shepherd Post is great in that it brings the greatest minds in the Church all to one place to share their thoughts on our changing world."

For visitors to the site, The Shepherd Post features a wide range of key topics – including Missions, Leadership, Finance, Technology, Family and Theology – on a simple, easy to navigate interface.

Also included on the home page is a tag cloud that directs users to the subjects they're searching for.

For pastors and ministers who don't yet have a blog, The Shepherd Post allows them to create their own easily customizable blog for free and also allows them to purchase their own domain to make the blog a customized extension of their ministry.

Meanwhile, for Christian leaders who are already blogging, The Shepherd Post allows them to deliver their messages to a broader audience and also provides them a new way to earn money for themselves or their ministries.

"Posting content on the web is the easy part, getting people to read it is the challenge," La Fleur says. "We decided to bring everything together to one place because it increases the chances of important information being found by the people that need it most."

Currently, The Shepherd Post features articles written by Christian leaders such as Greg Atkinson, who writes for a number of different Christian magazines; Kent Shaffer, founder of; and H.L. Hussmann, author of God's Greatest Passion.

The site has been in development since November 2008. A beta version was launched in February 2009.

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