Current Page: Opinion | Thursday, January 07, 2016
The Year of Greater

The Year of Greater

Pastor Rick McDaniel | (Courtesy of Richmond Community Church)

The theme for 2016 is "Greater." It is based upon John 14:12 where Jesus says, "I tell you for certain that if you have faith in me, you will do the same things I am doing. You will do even greater things, now that I am going back to the Father."

How can we do greater things than Jesus did? He raised people from the dead, He told people the future, He changed the world forever. We can't do greater things than Jesus in quality but we can do greater things in quantity. Christ followers are able to do so much more because our numbers are so much larger.

But it is not just doing greater things as a group, it is doing greater things individually. Of course as we do greater things individually the sum total of all we do will be much greater than ever before.

Greater is a comparative degree of great. In other words, beyond simply great is greater. What a goal to aspire to in 2016!

The key is in believing, in having the faith it is possible to do greater, have greater and be greater. Our faith is in Jesus who told us we can do even greater things. 2016 is an opportunity to have a greater year.

Do we need greater? I think we do. We need greater wisdom, we need greater commitment, we need greater impact. We need greater in our lives, in our families and in our church.

Greater would mean a year like we have never seen before. It would be a year that would surpass any previous year.

Can you imagine a year with greater resources? Replacing scarcity with abundance would be a game changer.

Can you imagine a year with greater unity? Moving from division to understanding would positively change our culture.

Can you imagine a year with greater love? Relationships would be healed and restored.

Can you imagine a year with greater commitment? So much would finally get done that has not gotten done.

You can have faith God will accomplish greater things than you could imagine in your life this year. You can believe for greater things in spite of impossible circumstances. You can persevere for greater things even in the midst of discouragement. You can commit to greater obedience than you have ever had before. You will then receive greater fulfillment, greater joy, greater peace and greater purpose.

2016 is not going to be a great year. It is going to be a greater year. Believe it then start acting upon it today.

Rick McDaniel is the senior pastor of Richmond Community Church in Richmond, Va., and He is the author of Comeback: Overcoming The Setbacks In Your Life. Twitter: @rickmcdaniel