New York Jets Lose Rob Turner, Acquire Aaron Maybin

The New York Jets has seen changes to its squad this week, after Rob Turner was injured in a preseason game and Aaron Maybin became a new addition to the team.

Turner, the Jets’ backup center, broke his leg in the team’s first preseason game on Monday. After the Houston Texans’ defensive end, J.J. Watt, pushed through backup center Vladimir Ducasse and quarterback Mark Sanchez, Turner’s leg suffered the blow.

After Sanchez fell on Turner’s right leg, the center was carried off of the field. On Tuesday The New York Daily News reported that an MRI determined a fracture in Turner’s leg which could take up to 10 weeks to heal.

Although ESPN does not consider Turner a “household name”, the center is diverse and can also play tight end or guard. The first preseason game was tough for Jets’ coach Rex Ryan, who also had to come to grips with injuries to guard Brandon Moore and center Nick Mangold before the game.

"I think we'll feel better when Brandon and Mangold get back out there," Ryan said, according to ESPN.

While the Jets’ offense may be struggling with depth, Ryan announced a new addition to the team’s defense. The coach announced that Aaron Maybin, former Buffalo Bills’ linebacker, would join the Jets.

Ryan said he is willing to take time to develop the player.

"I think he's got some talent, some pass-rush ability," Ryan said, according to ESPN reports. "If he sticks on our team, he's going to be a pass rusher for us. We don't need him to be a starter. We've got two excellent starters at outside linebacker already."

Maybin, the 11th overall draft pick in Buffalo who did not perform to critics’ expectations, will sign a one-year contract with the Jets. Chafie Fields,Maybin’s agent, said he is excited to join the team and play his old squad during the season.

“We wanted to get him out there and give him an opportunity to perform,” Fields told the Buffalo News. “He’s ecstatic. He gets to play Buffalo twice, which sparked a little something in him. He’s a fan of Rex Ryan. He said, ‘I’m going to get to see Buffalo twice and I can’t wait.’ ”