New York Nanny Says 'Someone Else' Murdered Children Left in Her Care

Yoselyn Ortega says that "someone else" murdered the two children left in her care in New York City last year. The nanny is charged with the murders of Leo and Lucia Krim and is currently in the Rikers prison.

"I didn't do that. Someone else did," Ortega told the Daily News in an interview. However, she did not reveal who she thought could be responsible for the double murder.

It's the first interview Ortega has given since being found in the same apartment as Leo, 2, and his sister Lucia, 6, who were in her care. All three were found stabbed and bloodied. The children's mother, who returned home from an outing with her third child, found the three.

Marina Krim, the mother, found her two children stabbed to death in the family bathtub. Ortega was found nearby, having attempted to take her own life. She was eventually charged with the murders of the children and has remained behind bars since the October incident.

"Those are all lies," Ortega said when asked about the charges she faces. If found guilty, she could be sent to prison for the rest of her life.

"My lawyer told me not to talk. I'm not supposed to say anything," Ortega said when asked if she ever loved the Krim children. She then asked to be released from the interview room and went back to her cell.

Ortega has been in the psychiatric ward at Elmhurst Medical Center in Queens, and her lawyer maintains that her client is not mentally capable of standing trial. She was recently transferred to the Rikers facility and will remain there until her competency hearing on June 24.

Meanwhile, Marina Krim recently announced that she and her husband Kevin are expecting a new baby in October. The Krim family moved without ever returning to their Upper West Side apartment and have not been back to the area where their children were slain.