New York Senator to Lil' Wayne: Apologize for Disrespecting NYC

Rapper Had A 'Lapse in Mental Judgment,' Says Politician

Rapper Lil' Wayne made headlines yesterday when he stated to MTV: "Flat out, I don't like New York."

It seemed like something he said in the heat of the moment, but Wayne ended up catching the attention of New York Senator Malcolm A. Smith, who responded to the rapper's comments.

"I take strong exception to the words 'I don't like New York,'" said Smith in response to Lil Wayne's statement made regarding his feelings towards the city. The senator held a news press conference in Father Duffy Square yesterday to demand an apology from the rapper, who he feels said what he said due to a "lapse in mental judgment."

"If you don't like New York," said Smith, "you don't have to come to New York. You don't have to sell your products here. And perhaps we won't come to your concerts."

"His comments outraged his local fans and residents. The group today will be demanding an apology from the hip hop star," he continued. "Lil Wayne has had a misfortune in New York with recent gun charges and a jail sentence."

The senator also added that he believed Hollis, Queens was "essentially the home and the origin of Hip Hop," although some Bronx natives would strongly argue that point.

"New Yorkers are forgiving people," said Smith. "We're prepared to forgive Lil Wayne if in fact he makes a sincere apology."

Wayne's words did not come without his fair share of past negative experiences in New York, however.

The rapper was arrested on gun charges in 2009 after a show in New York; he ended up serving prison time for his deed. He also pulled his artist Nicki Minaj from her performance at this year's Summer Jam concert in the city after she was insulted by New York radio DJ Peter Rosenberg.