New Zealand Shark Attack: Film Director Killed By Great White

Tragedy struck an Auckland, New Zealand beach Wednesday when a massive, 14-foot shark attacked a swimmer, ripping its victim to shreds and hundreds of beachgoers watched in horror from shore.

The shark, reportedly a Great White, attacked victim Adam Strange, a 46-year-old father of one and an award-winning short film director, as he swam along the shoreline.

Police indicate that Strange was swimming roughly 220 yards offshore at Muriwai Beach, just west of Auckland, when he was attacked, and onlookers report that the water immediately turned crimson as possibly two other sharks joined the feeding frenzy.

New Zealand Police Inspector Shawn Rutene told NBC News that local lifeguards and police officers immediately jumped into inflatable boats attempting to stop the horrific attack, but were too late.

Police reportedly even fired rounds at the shark, but the large sea animal quickly rolled over and disappeared into the blue.

Pio Mose, who had been fishing on nearby rocks when the attack occurred roughly 50 yards from him, told The Newcastle Herald that he witnessed a grizzly sight of blood.

"I yelled at him to swim to the rocks. There was blood everywhere," Mose told The Newcastle Herald. "The water was red. It's pretty scary."

Authorities have reportedly closed Muriwai beach and those surrounding it for the next few days to avoid any more attacks, as they suspect sharks may still be circling the area due to a possibly rich fish source.

The New Zealand Department of Conservation told CNN that fatal shark attacks in the country are rare; there have only been 20 shark attack deaths in more than 175 years in New Zealand.