Newborn Twin Deaths Case: Mom Guilty of Smothering Twins, Given Life Sentences (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube/Fox Nashville Screen Shot)The laundry basket where officers found the bodies of two twin babies. Their mom, Lindsey Lowe, has been convicted of their murder and sentenced to two life sentences.

The "newborn twin deaths" murder trial has returned a guilty verdict on a Tennessee woman on Tuesday, after a jury found Lindsey Lowe guilty in the 2011 murder case. She was found to have smothered the twins to death, leaving their dead bodies in a laundry basket.

Nashville woman, Lowe, was convicted of felony murder, premeditated murder as well as aggravated child abuse. Following the guilty verdict the judge immediately gave sentencing, handing down a life sentence to the woman.

As the sentence was given Lowe's family members in the courtroom started sobbing, and she was quickly taken away into custody to begin her sentence. Before she was led away Lowe, who was not crying, told her family softly, "I'm OK. I love you all. He's with me," pointing up to the sky.

The case surrounded the smothering of two twin babies, who were discovered dead in a laundry basket at a family home in Hendersonville, which is 20 miles northeast of Nashville.

The authorities were called by a family member who discovered the first body, however, upon closer investigation a second body was found under a bloodied sheet in the same laundry basket by emergency workers.

Lowe later told police that she had given birth to the twins when she was alone on Sept. 12, 2011. The birth took place in her parent's bathroom two days before the bodies were found.

In the case, jurors were told the Lowe was engaged at the time of the incident, but that she had become pregnant through an affair with another man. She reportedly hid her pregnancy from all her family and friends.

Talking to investigators after the killings Lowe told officers that she "maybe" had smothered the babies, but that she was "just trying to keep them quiet."

Officers testified that the two babies were still attached by their umbilical cords to a single placenta at the time they were found.

Lowe was given two life sentences - one for each murder conviction - so she will serve a mandatory 51 years in prison. A hearing has been set for April where Judge Dee Gay will rule on whether the two sentences should be served concurrently or consecutively. Further sentencing could also be added on for the aggravated child abuse conviction.

Here is video footage of Lindsey Lowe being questioned by investigators after the twin babies were found killed in 2011: