News Crew Attacked: Irate Mom Throws Rocks, Sets Dogs on Reporter (VIDEO)

A news crew attack by one irate Providence, R.I. mother has resulted in felony assault charges. Melissa Lawrence, whose daughter was shot at a graduation party and is recovering, answered an ABC6 news crew's questions with screaming and aggression earlier this week.

The news crew attack began when reporter Abbey Niezgoda and her cameraman approached Lawrence's property on Public Street in Providence to ask her about her daughter. Lawrence's daughter was shot in the back at a kindergarten graduation party but is recovering, and the teenage boy allegedly responsible turned himself in. However, her mother was hostile and refused to talk about it.

"A 16-year-old has turned himself in," Niezgoda began, but was cut off.

"OK, that's good," Lawrence replied, picking up a rock.

"Are you gonna throw rocks?" Niezgoda asked, and the enraged mother answered by launching the large stone at the cameraman, nearly hitting him in the head. Then Lawrence ran inside to get a weapon, saying "gimme my bat."

"Why are you attacking us ma'am?" Niezgoda asks, but soon after, the woman released her two dogs, which proceeded to chase and bite the reporter. Lawrence pursued, cursing the news crew and hurling epithets at the reporter.

"They were never on the woman's property and were attacked right on the street," WLNE wrote on its website.

After the attack, Niezgoda got medical attention, then the news crew filed a police report. After police obtained a warrant, Lawrence was arrested and charged with two counts of felony assault with a dangerous weapon, according to She was arraigned Wednesday.

Niezgoda received a tetanus shot for the dog bite.