Newsboys Snags 25th No. 1 Hit

Christian pop rock band newboys picked up their 25th radio hit weeks ahead of their upcoming album release.

According to the Radio & Records Christian AC Indicator chart, "In the Hands of God," the title track of the newsboys' fourteenth studio album, landed at No. 1 earlier this month, marking "a new era for the band," as newsboys manager Wes Campbell commented.

"Whilst this is just one of many number one singles the band has received, they are all important to us," he said, "and we have great appreciation to all the radio stations out there that have continued to support both our music and passion for ministry."

"We're thrilled that 'In The Hands of God' hit No 1," added newsboys member Jeff Frankenstein. "It's a song that means a lot to all of us. In times like these, it's great to be reminded of God's love for His children and to be encouraged that ultimately, He has everything under His control."

"In the Hands of God" is one of ten tracks that appear in the newsboys upcoming project of the same name. Produced by Max Hsu (Superchick, tobyMac) along with newsboys' Frankenstein and Peter Furler, the album boasts the classic rock sound that has made newsboys' music legendary among Christian music fans for more than two decades.

Songs in the upcoming album include "No Grave," "The Way We Roll" and "Glorious."

Also included are background vocals by Michael Tait of dc Talk, who last month stepped into the role of new frontman for newsboys.

The band had announced the change on March 9 and posted a statement by former frontman Furler about the move more than two weeks later.

"For me, the decision is that after traveling many thousands of miles across land and sea for over 22 years, along with needing to constantly keep writing and reach production deadlines–let alone feed my dog, It was time for something to give, and my booking agent and his GPS drew the short straw," Furler explained.

The band did report, however, that Furler would continue with the band and that his trademark songwriting and production would remain as he focuses his professional career toward future newsboys recordings.

They also said Furler would make special appearances throughout the year.

In The Hands of God, however, is expected to be the last album on which former frontman Furler will sing.

The street date for the album is May 5.