Newsweek's 'Obama First Gay President Cover' Sparks Debate

Newsweek has referred to President Barack Obama as the first "Gay President" on the cover of its latest issue. The cover has sparked various debates; one of which is whether America, or indeed the world would really accept a homosexual president.

The acceptance of homosexuality varies across the world. Japan for instance does not have any national civic rights laws pertaining to homosexuals, although it has been considered a "non-issue" in the country according to the Journal of Social Justice.

In South Korea however, there are more stringent rules in place. The Korean military is one of the "most conservative" in the country according to Korea Times.

Other countries that do not allow homosexuals to serve in the military include areas like Egypt, Nigeria, Sri Lanka, and China.

The criticism is ongoing about President Obama's recent announcement that he believes the definition of marriage should be changed so that homosexuals can marry. While some accuse the president of attempting to make a political move to benefit his campaign, others are concerned with the message he has sent out to the public.

President Obama attempted to rationalize his decision to support gay marriage by citing the biblical 'Golden Rule' to love thy neighbor as yourself. However, his use of scripture has been widely rebuked by Christian leaders who insist although the golden rule is relevant it does not override sin, and part of love is trying to bring those you love out of sin.