Newt Gingich: GOP Nomination is a 'Two-Person Race'

Despite suffering a crushing loss in the Florida primaries, Republican nominee, Newt Gingrich, has announced that the GOP nomination will be a two man race between himself and Mitt Romney.

Gingrich announced, Tuesday, that he alone can be the conservative alternative to the former governor, according to

"It is now clear that this will be a two-person race between the conservative leader, Newt Gingrich, and the Massachusetts moderate, and the voters of Florida made that clear," Gingrich said.

Gingrich adopted the slogan, "46 states to go," declaring that he plans to fight Romney for the Republican nomination all the way to the end, when a candidate is selected in August.

He completely disregarded the campaigns of Ron Paul and Rick Santorum, who did not run aggressive campaigns in Florida, to reassure his doubters that he is still in the race.

"I just want to reassure everyone, we are going to contest every place and we are going to win and we will be in Tampa as the nominee in August," Gingrich said.

Gingrich's campaign had looked to be on a promising track after a victory in the South Carolina primaries and an initial lead in the Florida polls. However, Gingrich was outdone by Romney in recent debates. In addition, Gingrich suffered an assault of negative advertisements sponsored by Romney.

Romney outspent Gingrich on television commercials by nearly 5 to 1, according to The Associated Press. Most of the ads attacked Gingrich's character.

Gingrich, who was married three times and once allegedly asked for an open marriage, was abandoned by the female voters in Florida, propelling Romney to victory. According to data from an exit poll of voters, Romney secured 52 percent of the women's vote, while Gingrich only got 28 percent.

He was also defeated by Romney in getting votes from the elderly and Hispanics. Voters who want a candidate to beat Barack Obama and those who are focused on the struggling economy also chose to give their support to Romney rather than Gingrich.