Newt Gingrich Facing Lawsuit Over Use of 'Eye of the Tiger'

Republican presidential candidate nominee, Newt Gingrich, has become the target of a lawsuit for copyright infringement, regarding a popular fight song, "Eye of the Tiger."

The republican race for a presidential nomination has taken a new, bizarre twist as member of the group, Survivor, is suing Newt Gingrich in federal court for his use of the song, "Eye of the Tiger," at his political rallies.

The claim was made, Monday, in an Illinois federal court and it also names Newt 2010 Inc. and the American Conservative Union as defendants, according to The Guardian.

Frank Sullivan, the co-writer of the song and member of Survivor, is owner of Rude Music, Inc. He is suing Gingrich for copyright infringement, saying that he is using the song for his campaign without permission.

Gingrich also used the song in 2009 at the Conservative Political Action Conference and during campaign appearances in Pennsylvania and Iowa, according to the complaint, according to The New York Times.

He also played the song from his campaign bus during an excavation business in Walford, Iowa and when he entered and exited an event in Des Moines.

According to the complaint, the infringement is intentional because Gingrich is sophisticated and has knowledgeable concerning copyright laws. He says that he should know better than using his copyrighted material for free, according to the Chicago-Sun Times. Gingrich is author or co-author of 40 copyrighted works, according to the suit.

Sullivan has asked a judge to issue an injunction to stop Mr. Gingrich from using the tune as entrance music for his rallies, according to The New York Times. He is also seeking damages.

"My legacy, my life, has been 'Eye of the Tiger,'" Sullivan told the Chicago Sun-Times. "These copyright laws are there to protect people like me who are lucky enough to create a copyright. 'Eye of the Tiger' is an iconic copyright."

"Eye of the Tiger," which was the theme song for Rocky III was written in 1981 at the personal request of Sylvester Stallone.