Next Generation Xbox to Have $15 Monthly Online Subscription Fee

The cheaper version of the next-generation Xbox will have a $15 monthly subscription fee for customers purchasing the system.

This news contradicts a previous report released by Windows SuperSite reporter Paul Thurrott which stated that the next Xbox would carry a $10 monthly fee. Thurrott recently noted on Twitter that his source claims the cheaper model will carry a $15 monthly fee instead.

The Verge also agreed with this amount via Twitter as the site's Tom Warren tweeted "yup" regarding the news and highlighted that this fee could encompass an entire family.

This new rumor follows a previous report which said that Microsoft would release two new models of its next-generation console including a standalone version for $499, and a $299 version that requires a monthly fee.

This cheaper model is based off a version of the Xbox 360 that Microsoft released, which came with a $15 monthly fee and costed $99. This version later expanded to include the Kinect accessory and featured the same monthly fee and was bumped up to $149.

The next-generation Xbox console is rumored to come with some new upgrades and features, such as video sharing and the option for users to be able to have over 100 friends.

The Xbox 360 only allows users to follow up to 100 friends. The new version will remove that cap and the way games handle achievements will also be altered, allowing developers to add them without adding DLC post-launch, according to a report from Polygon.

The new Xbox will join the likes of Sony's PS4 and will also allow users to capture and share video through various networks including Ustream and Facebook. Footage could be taken based on the situation or status of the player. For example, users will be able to set the system to take the footage when they obtain a special achievement or lock in a headshot in a first-person shooter.