Next Xbox Console Rumored to Feature a Tablet Interface

New rumors suggest that Microsoft’s next iteration of the Xbox will be tablet-based in its design.

Video games website Gamespot dropped some details on the next Xbox and its final design. "There are strong signs suggesting that, like with Nintendo's Wii U, a tablet component figures heavily into the new design," the website posted.

"Speculation as to the form it will take has been rife for the past few months, with some even suggesting that the core of the new platform will be akin to a tablet PC that wirelessly connects to a base station, which in turn plugs into your TV. If this is the case, a premium Xbox Next setup could feasibly include a base station, a tablet, a conventional controller of some kind, and the recently discussed high-def evolution of the Kinect."

The next Xbox and its rumored tablet integration could present revolutionary possibilities. Motion controls with the included tablet may introduce new ways of playing.

Some video game followers are excited about the possibility of a tablet added onto the next Xbox.

"Even though I wasn't considering it a possibility, there are good reasons for MS to push the Xbox into a tablet direction," Gamespot user DiscGuru101 posted. "As long real controllers are central and tablet prices [are] low, sounds good."

Complex Video Games user ThatDUDE posted, "I could see this happening. Much like the Kinect Microsoft wants to stay relevant with what consumers want. I read somewhere that many children were picking up iPads compared to controllers and as disappointing it may be, it is an industry and profit is what gives Microsoft a hard on."

"Just like hardcore hip hop fans, gamers don't want this to happen. But, the general public will absolutely buy into it."

Other gamers aren’t exactly thrilled with these rumors, though. "Please tell me Microsoft won't go the tablet route,” posted Gamespot user endorbr. "If they want to be forever associated with Nintendo and labeled a copycat, then sure. I see them focusing more on making the NextBox more Kinect driven from the start."

"Ridiculous," said Complex Video Games user James. "There doesn't need to be a controller change, and tablets are not the way forward as far as gaming is concerned. Traditional controller and some great gameplay and graphics and that's what works well. If it's not broken, don't fix it."

These new rumors now join the other reports surrounding the next Xbox. Microsoft was recently rumored to be debuting its future console at this year's Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3).