Nexus 4 Drop Test Video Released

A Nexus 4 drop test video was released earlier this month that shows the LG device withstanding the impact of a solid fall.

"This drop test comes to show us that LG has gone a good quality job with the construction of the Nexus 4," wrote

The video itself was crafted overseas and features a gentleman who drops the LG Nexus 4 twice and then picks it up to assess damage.

His first drop simulates an average drop out of a side pocket and the second drop is made from the height of his ear.

After the first drop, no serious damage was inflicted upon the device aside from minor scratches, but when the handset was dropped from the height of the user's ear, severe damaged was caused to its back panel.

The new Android 4.2 JellyBean update rolled out to Nexus 4 pre-release users earlier this month.

The Nexus 4 smartphone will now have the ability to upgrade to the latest version on Android 4.2, which brings features that Google has previously covered such as Lock screen widgets and Multi-user support.

Lock screen widgets appear on the device's lock screen and allows the user to customize them in order to view their Calendar, email, and to also identify music with Sound Search.

Multi-user support is an interesting feature that allows Nexus 10 users to share their tablet with others by creating separate customizable spaces for each person. In order to log in, users can simply turn on their tablet and tap their photo and they will be able to access their own customized version of their homescreen, apps, email, photos, and storage.

Users can customize their homescreen by choosing a wallpaper, adding favorite apps and games from Google Play, creating folders, and arranging beautiful widgets by dragging and dropping.