Nexus 5 Phone Press Images Surface

Nexus 5 phone press images surfaced earlier today revealing that the device will launch through Telus.

The pictures were published by MobileSyrup and show a device that looks a lot like what has been seen in previous leaks. However, this does not mean that they are official.

Other aspects of the pictures reveal that the handset is running Android 4.4, KitKat. Features seen in previous leaks of the software also make an appearance here including the transparent navigation and status bars, white notifications icons, a new icon for drawer app, and larger app icons on the home screen.

The Nexus 5 launch must be imminent as as leaks seem to be surfacing more frequently.

Two sites put up pictures of devices running Android 4.4, KitKat that were posted up by Android Authority earlier this week.

The first of these was a Nexus 5 and the other featured a Nexus 7 running the software.

Various features that have already been leaked can be seen in the new pictures including the changed Downloads app. A possible Easter egg could be seen in the software as well.

Tapping multiple times on the Android version reveals the Easter egg which is the word Android featured in a KitKat-styled logo. However, the bottom of the screenshot reads "Key Lime Pie." This is the name that was used internally by Google.

Other screens such as Cloud Print, Downloads, a redesigned clock app, and the new Tap & pay option can also be seen in the pictures.

The Nexus 5 rumors regarding the smartphone featuring a MEMS camera proved not to be true.

DigitalOptics, the company who created the technology, claim that last week's reports stating that this camera would be on the Google device were not accurate and also issued a press release further clarifying this point.