Nexus 7 2 Unveiling to Take Place at Computex Technology Show

The Google Nexus 7 2 tablet could be unveiled during the next few days at the Computex technology show.

Analysts expect the company to unveil the device at the show, according to IBN Live. However, the publication did not make clear which analysts were reporting the news.

The show takes place from June 4 to June 8 in Taipei, Taiwan. The report should be taken with a grain of salt as IBN Live failed to be more specific about its sources.

A possible Nexus 7 successor was recently spotted in a Bluetooth SIG filing running Android 4.3, JellyBean.

The filing was dated for May 27 and the documentation does not clarify if it's a Nexus 7, as the device is listed plainly as a 7-inch tablet. It has similar features in comparison to the original version and goes by the model number ME370T.

This is actually the same model number of the first Nexus 7 which hints at a possible successor being in the works. The device in the filing is also running software version number JWR11, which appears to be an Android build. This is not a software version that is available on other Nexus devices. This same build has been in various server logs, according to Android Authority.

Android 4.3 was also seen running on a Nexus 4 at Thailand Mobile Expo. A user actually was able to film a video of the new camera interface.

The Nexus 7 2 could be released as early as July as parts for the device have already been rumored to have shipped.

A Taiwanese supplier of integrated circuitry for electronics known as Elan Microelectronics began shipping touchscreen controllers for the next generation Nexus 7 tab, according to an older report from DigiTimes.

Elan's revenues have increased in May and June thanks to these new Nexus 7 controllers. This information points to the device being manufactured in June in preparation for a July launch.