NFL Kicker Cautions Students Against Following False Idols

Ryan Succop, 26-year-old Kansas City Chiefs kicker, may work hard on the football field, but the Christian NFL player also shares his faith and recently did so with over 300 Missouri students.

Succop appeared before 350 middle school and high school students at the Harrisonville Memorial Stadium in Missouri recently where he spoke about his faith while cautioning the children from different school districts against worshipping idols.

"When I think about how we live our lives as human beings, and even as Christian, I think a lot of the times, we put our hope in things that are false. We believe in things that aren't true," Succop said at the Fellowship of Christian Athletes event that took place earlier this month, according to The Cass County Democrat report. "I don't stand here and preach perfection because I got plenty of things in my life that I want to work on, that I battle. At the end of the day, God's grace is sufficient."

The Fellowship of Christian Athletes event, called "Fields of Faith", targets various cities with different Christian athletes sharing their faith with students. At Succop's recent appearance, he revealed how he came to make Jesus Christ a priority in his life.

According to the NFL kicker, he always set high goals for himself which included making the cut on sports teams in school, dating pretty girls, earning a scholarship to college and being drafted into the NFL. After revealing that he had accomplished all of his goals, Succop admitted that those accomplishments still left him feeling unfulfilled.

"My point of telling you all of this is that I think it is so easy to put our hope in things of this earth," Succop told the students in the Democrat report. "And at the end of the day, our identity does not need to be in being a football player or signing a new contract, our identity needs to be in our relationship with Christ."