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NFL Mock Draft 2018 News: Denver Broncos Expected to Pick Baker Mayfield

NFL Mock Draft 2018 News: Denver Broncos Expected to Pick Baker Mayfield

The Denver Broncos are interested in getting Baker Mayfield. | Reuters/USA Today Sports

For the season's mock draft, the Denver Broncos might just choose Baker Mayfield for their team.

Todd McShay of ESPN recently revealed his predictions for the 2018 National Football League draft season, and he thinks that the Denver Broncos will poach Mayfield. Although Mayfield is reportedly the Bronco's fifth choice in their list of desired players, he is known to be the 2017 Heisman winning quarterback.

The reason why McShay believes that the Broncos will take Mayfield is that they already missed their chance to grab their other desired quarterbacks, such as Paxton Lynch, Mile High Report confirmed.

Next to Lynch, the Denver Broncos were eying on landing Kirk Cousins from free agency. However, on the chances that they won't land Cousins or any other quarterback on free agency, the Broncos are expected to call for an early pick that is Mayfield or Josh Allen.

Both Mayfield and Allen were at the Senior Bowl, where they were scouted by Broncos general manager John Elway. Although it's interesting to get both Mayfield and Allen for the Denver Broncos, the team's focus is currently on Mayfield.

Previously, Eric Galko of Sporting News suspected Mayfield to become very popular in the NFL this year.

According to Galko, Mayfield is expected to be at the top of the 2018 NFL draft season, similar to how Deshaun Watson was in the previous season. The first team that Galko suspected to be interested in Mayfield this 2018 are the Cleveland Browns.

But Galko noted that Mayfield will have a lot of admirers, other than the Cleveland Browns, because his skills and his charm is similar to Russel Wilson and Drew Brees. He believes that all top 14 teams will be interested in getting Mayfield, with the Denver Broncos and the Washington Redskins at the top of the list.


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