NFL Lockout Could End Imminently

NFL owners are ready to strike an agreement with players to end the NFL Lockout, according to NFL general council Jeff Pash.

The owners are expected to meet with the players today, and although neither side seems ready to sign off on an agreement, both sides appear to be in “closing mode”, according to Bash.

Today’s meeting follows a failure on the part of the players yesterday to place a vote that would end the labor dispute causing the lockout.

“We still have a lot of work to do,” said Pro Bowl Offensive lineman Tyson Clabo, who played for the Atlanta Falcons last year.

Remaining issues are said to be three pending court cases which need to be set aside in order for the lockout to end, according to the Associate Press.

Among the three cases are a player’s antitrust lawsuit, the TV networks case, in which players accused owners of setting up $4 billion in ‘lockout insurance’; money the league would receive even if no games were played in 2011. Also a collision case exists in which the players accused owners of restricting salaries last off-season.

Both parties must come to an agreement today in order for the Hall of Fame game between the Rams and the Bears, the first pre-season exhibition on August 7th to take place.

Owners are confident that with only three weeks until that game, players will do their part to strike an agreement that will end the 2011 lockout, so that fans will not be forced to miss any upcoming NFL action.