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NFL Rumors: Where Will Free Agent Wideout Dez Bryant End Up Signing This Offseason?

Bryant was released by the Dallas Cowboys earlier this month

NFL Rumors: Where Will Free Agent Wideout Dez Bryant End Up Signing This Offseason?

Dez Bryant with the Dallas Cowboys back in 2016 | Wikimedia Commons/Keith Allison

Wide receiver Dez Bryant's run with the Dallas Cowboys officially ended earlier this month, and now, he is one of the few free agents still on the market who could be an interesting signing for numerous teams around the league.

Though Bryant's production did noticeably fall off last year, he's still a player capable of making an impact on the field thanks in part to his size and experience.

Plus, it sure seems as though Bryant is not too happy with how his stint with the Cowboys ended, and he is highly motivated to show his now former team that he's got a lot left in the tank.

It may be tough for Bryant to produce results like he did during that stretch from 2012 to 2014 because he may simply not be as good of an athlete as he was back then, but his newfound motivation can still turn him into a solid secondary receiving option on a new team.

So, which teams have a shot at signing the highly motivated Bryant?

Over on Twitter, ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that some people believe that four teams, in particular, may express interest in adding Bryant.

The four teams Schefter listed are the Buffalo Bills, Arizona Cardinals, Green Bay Packers and the Baltimore Ravens.

The Bills may be interested in adding Bryant because he is someone who can serve as a kind of mentor to the younger wideouts on the team. Bryant could work well in that role, but it's a little tough to imagine the 29-year-old signing with the Bills because the team may not be that competitive this coming season.

The Cardinals are similarly undergoing a bit of a rebuild, and again, a veteran like Bryant who wants to put up big numbers and contend next season may not see himself fitting well with that particular group.

Bryant may be more open to possibly joining the Packers or Ravens mainly because those teams are in better shape heading into next season. Bryant could also benefit a lot from playing with a top-shelf quarterback like the Packers' Aaron Rodgers.

Of the four teams Schefter mentioned, the Packers may have the edge to land Bryant, but it's far from guaranteed that he will indeed sign there.

During a recent interview with the NFL Network's Jane Slater, Bryant stated that he would like to continue playing within the NFC East division.

It's unclear how interested the New York Giants, Philadelphia Eagles and Washington Redskins may be in adding Bryant, but he could be an intriguing low-cost addition for one of those teams.

What is clear is that Bryant will relish the opportunity to suit up against his former team, and that will be something to watch out for next season.

At this point, fans will just have to wait and see how this situation with Bryant plays out, and it will indeed be worth monitoring, as he is one of the few impact players remaining on the free agent market.

More news about Dez Bryant should be made available soon.


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