NFL Scores Week 4 Blowout: 49ers Crush Jets 34-0

San Francisco's great running game trampled over the Jets' defense as the 49ers destroyed New York 34-0 in Sunday's game.

Following a torn knee ligament, the Jets were forced to go without star defense player Darrelle Revis. But it was the team's offense that led to its worst loss since 1989, which was against the Buffalo Bills 37-0.

Fans were eager for Tim Tebow to replace veteran quarterback Mark Sanchez, who couldn't manage to bring his A-game Sunday afternoon. The Jets' offense turned the ball over four times, including a Sanchez interception throw and fumble. Tebow came out in the second quarter with his first play of the season, which was a simple nine yard completion, but resulted in a fumble by tight end Dedrick Epps after being hit hard by Dashon Goldson.

Sanchez threw for only a 103 yards, completing only 13 of 29 passes. Heading into next week's game against the undefeated Houston Texans, Sanchez will have much to prove.

In the fourth quarter Santonio Holmes' major fumble led to a 51-yard touchdown by 49ers' Carlos Rogers. Holmes was then carried off the field with an apparent knee injury.

The 49ers rushed for over 200 yards with other touchdowns by Frank Gore and Kendall Hunter. By comparison the Jets only managed a measly 45 rush yards. Even without Revis, Jets held 49ers' passing to 134 yards but struggled against their running offense. The 49ers banked 245 rushing yards, including a blocked punt by Hunter with six minutes left of the game.

This is the first time the Jets have suffered a shut out game since October 2010, which came against the Green Bay Packers in a low scoring 9-0 game.