NFL Star Proposes to Girl 6: J.J. Watts Makes Dream Come True (VIDEO)

(PHOTO:Twitter/J.J. Watts)J.J. Watts and Breanna marry in pretend ceremony.

Houston Texans J.J. Watt was married over the weekend, for pretend. The defensive end made an elaborate proposal in an effort to make a 6-year-old little girl's dream come true.

Last week a YouTube video of little Breanna surfaced. The girl was in tears because she is too young. When prompted by her mother about what she is too young to do, she explains that she wants to marry defensive end J.J. Watt. To marry Watt she must be 25 she says, but she is only six.

Lucky enough for Breanna, Watt came across the video and decided to track Breanna down.

"Does anyone happen to know this cute little girl? We have to find her and turn those tears into a smile," Watt wrote on his Twitter account.

After reaching out to Twitter fans to discover where she lived, Watt surprised the girl with an impromptu wedding. He arrived at her house with flowers and gave her a large white jersey to serve as a wedding dress, he said during an interview with Yahoo Sports.

"It was really cool. It was a really neat experience. It was a lot of fun," Watts told the station.

Watts also returned to Twitter where he thanked his fans.

"Thanks to your help, we found 6-year-old Breanna and she said yes to being my pretend wife for the day," Watt wrote adding pictures of the newlyweds.

Watt also won over some new fans who flooded him with compliments for such a nice act.

"What a awesome thing to do from a great guy from the great state of Texas, you go JJ!!!!" one fan wrote on a People blog.