NFLer George Foster and Wife Led by God to Feed 1,000 South African Children

Married Couple Focus on HIV/AIDS Prevention, Hunger, and Adoption in Swaziland

George Foster, former New Orleans Saints offensive tackle, and his wife, Chanita, said they have been led by God to feed over 1,000 children in a Southern Africa nation.

Chanita founded the “Beyond the Game” organization, which is committed to feeding children in Swaziland.

“To sum it up because it is a long story, God revealed my purpose,” Chanita wrote on the organization’s website. “It was very clear once I saw the children with hope in their eyes and love in their hugs. My life purpose is James 1:27. With that Beyond the Game was born.”

George, an NFL veteran and director of Beyond the Game, has been praying that the high percentage of HIV/AIDS and poverty is decreased with the help of the organization.

“It is his prayer that through their help, the unbelievable trends of the world’s highest HIV/AIDS percentage and extreme poverty will take a turn for the better,” the website for the organization states.

In her diary on the site, Chanita spoke about her goal to minister the word of Jesus while helping the children in Swaziland.

“Many organizations like Adventures in Missions and Children’s Hope Chest work tireless hours on supplying the children with food and care, but my vision is to give what no one can take away: the love of Jesus and an education,” she said.

“Although the list of needs is, long BTG is committed to building a school and chipping away at that list item by item,” Chanita added.

The Times of Swaziland publication in the Southern African country spoke to the couple about adopting a child and continuing HIV prevention during a recent visit.

“In America, the family ties are broken easily," Chanita told the publication. “We want to educate more on how HIV could be prevented.”