NFL's Antonio Cromartie Trusting in God, Expecting 14th Child After 2013 Vasectomy

(Photo: REUTERS)Antonio Cromartie officially ended his second stint with the Jets after the team released him to attain better financial stability.

Antonio Cromartie is focusing on the Word of God as media headlines focus on the fact that he is expecting his 14th child four years after getting a vasectomy.

Cromartie, the NFL cornerback who is currently listed as a free agent, is expecting his sixth child with wife Terricka who made the announcement on social media Sunday.

"In the up an coming CROMARTIE DRAFT of 2017, with the 6th OverAll Pick. Will the Cromartie's Draft a Boy or a Girl. J6 coming soon #6months #25weeks #boyorgir#3girls2boys #sexunknown #j6 #commentJNames #lovingmybabies #happymothersday #bowwowchallenge #ornah," Mrs. Cromartie wrote in an Instagram announcement featuring a topless photograph of her belly painted with the number six.

One day after the announcement, Cromartie took to his own social media page to reflect on Proverbs 13:7 which the athlete said made him think about choosing not to be like other people.

"Reading this verse last night made me think about how some of us want to live because we want to be like by others. Be who God created you to be," he wrote. "... Choose your own path...Turn your life over to God and trust in HIM whole heartily and watch how Gods promises for you start to come to light."

While Cromartie has yet to make mention about the expected newest addition to his family, he has spoken out about people criticizing the number of children he has. While Cromartie and his wife have six children, he also has eight other children with multiple mothers.

Just last year, he and Terricka welcomed twins into their family and Cromartie made it clear that the children in his large family were more than just numbers.

"To everyone out there my kids aren't numbers so please stop referring to them as that. #GodBless At Peace with my Life," the 33-year-old Christian athlete tweeted last year. "I hope you are."