Nick Carter Wishes His Brother Aaron a Happy Birthday

Reuters/Mario AnzuoniNick Carter of the Backstreet Boys poses at 30th annual ASCAP Pop Music Awards in Hollywood, California April 17, 2013.

Nick Carter recently took to Twitter to share some brotherly love with his brother, Aaron, on his 30th birthday.

Nick Carter may have had a rocky relationship with his brother, but it's definitely looking like they have finally gone passed that as evidenced by the Backstreet Boys member's heartwarming message to his brother on Twitter for his 30th birthday on Dec. 7.

"Happy birthday to my baby brother and sister @angelcarter and @aaroncarter," Nick said.

Aaron, for his part, responded warmly to his brother's greeting, calling his older brother "awesome" and that he is always in Nick's corner.

It should be remembered that Nick and Aaron had a little bit souring of their relationship when the latter was arrested back in July for driving under the influence (DUI). The 37-year-old Nick quickly took to Twitter back then to relay a message to his brother telling him he loves him no matter what and that if he ever needs the older Carter's help, he's always there.

Unfortunately, Aaron didn't appreciate Nick's public display of support slamming the singer for not contacting him directly.

"If my own blood truly cared about my well-being, why wouldn't he call me directly and have a conversation instead of making this about him through a very public forum?" Aaron said. "How about all of the other options he had [to reach out]? How about calling me in jail?" he added.

Aaron went on to say that he doesn't need Nick's help or any help for that matter. Instead, he said what he needs most is for people to understand that he too is just human and that he also makes mistakes.

Thankfully, their feud seems to have ended just in time for the holiday season. Aaron had just recently been checked out of rehab following his two-month stay. The former teen sensation checked into rehab back in September to improve his health and well-being after a series of issues and scandals regarding his state of mind as well as his addiction.