Nick Jonas American Idol Rumor Confirmed by Star: 'It's True,' Jonas Says

Nick Jonas has confirmed that he is in talks with producers of American Idol and may fill the final missing seat on the show.

As Mariah Carey filled the first empty seat on the panel of judges for the next season of "American Idol," many questioned who the final judge would be. While rumors that one of the Jonas Brothers may be considered for the job, many were skeptical. But Nick Jonas himself has confirmed via Twitter that he is in talks to become the next judge.

"The rumors are true ... I am being considered to be a judge on American Idol, and it would be a dream come true if it happens. #nickonidol," the 19 year-old heartthrob wrote on his Twitter account.

If it is the producers who are not sure about booking Jonas, then the singer's tweet may have been his bet attempt to win them over. A number of fans responded offering positive feedback and shared hope that he would become the fourth judge on the show.

"You will be an amazing judge," one fan on Twitter wrote.

"OMG. If Nick Jonas becomes the next American Idol judge I am going to die of Jonas fever," another fan prompted.

Jonas offered many thanks to his fans who had encouraged him on.

"Loved seeing all your amazing response to #NickOnIdol keep it coming!" the star responded in a more obvious attempt to promote himself.

Nick Jonas as a judge could add an interesting dynamic for more than one reason. Not only will he be the youngest judge to ever hit "American Idol," he will also be the second Disney star to appear next season on a reality show. Demi Lovato has also been confirmed as the judge on the next season of "X-Factor."

Being a judge may also draw new attention to the all boy trio who as of late, has been over shadowed by One Direction.