Nick Stahl Found, Wife Posts Picture Despite Questions (PHOTO)

After his wife had already given up on finding him, Nick Stahl has been found for the second time this year while suffering from drug addiction.

Rose Stahl first reported her husband missing in May but before the month was up, Stahl had returned once again and everything seemed at peace. That was until Stahl went missing for a second time in June, disappearing from the location at which he was receiving rehab for his drug addiction.

The actor went missing for a second time after checking out of a Los Angeles rehab therapy, where he was receiving treatment for what his wife called one of the "worst addiction cycles of his life," according to People magazine.

"I gotta lotta hope," Rose said at first, to People in May. However, it appears she was feeling less hopeful in the second round and gave up on looking for Stahl altogether only weeks after his second disappearance.

"I'm backing off," Rose told TMZ on June 21. "He knows exactly where home is. It's the loving thing to do for him, myself and our daughter."

Nearly a month after the search has subsided, Stahl has appeared once again, only to return to yet another round of rehab.

"According to our sources, Nick is going to AA and is now 'in a good place,'" TMZ reported on Sunday. "We're told he has not moved home, but is staying elsewhere and in constant communication with the family."

Despite his constant lack of communication and the continued desertions of his family, Stahl's wife appears to have remained loyal to her husband. Rose went as far as to post of a picture of her and her newly found husband on Twitter.

So many users were surprised by Rose's forgiving nature.

"If my husband was missing that long doing what this guy was doing the only picture you would see of us is one with … a not so happy ending," the user J wrote on the TMZ blog.