Nick Stahl Missing Again, Actor Left Rehab 'Against Doctors Advice'

Nick Stahl is missing again, and this time he has been gone for nearly a week. The actor best known for his role in "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines" left rehab after initially going missing for over a week in May.

Nick Stahl is missing after leaving rehab "against doctors' advice" last weekend and going to stay with a friend, according to Yahoo. Later, he was spotted in downtown Los Angeles- possibly frequenting the infamous Skid Row area, a section of the city known for its drug usage and homeless population.

The entire ordeal is taking a toll on his wife, Rose Murphy Stahl.

"He's been missing for four days," Daily Mail quoted her as saying previously. "But I don't want to comment any further."

After returning to the undisclosed friend's house, Stahl left Thursday, but has not been heard from since. Stahl's friends and family are worried, as the "Bully" actor has not been seen since last week.

"Now he's disappeared. We can't find him anywhere," a source told Yahoo."He has not made contact with anyone. We are all just desperately looking for him."

The situation could affect Stahl's already complicated relationship with his wife and daughter.

Earlier this year, Rose filed documents in the Los Angeles court stating that she wanted to limit the amount of time Stahl would be able to spend with the couple's daughter, Marlon. Rose and Stahl separated in February and she petitioned the court for "monitored visitation" between Stahl and Marlon.

As part of the visitation agreement between Stahl and the court, Rose wanted proof that Stahl had not "used drugs in the past 24 hours," TMZ reported. To that extent, Stahl was to be administered a drug test before seeing his daughter.

Stahl's representative has not stated if the actor's whereabouts are known. The move is unsurprising, as the rep was also silent the last time 32-year-old disappeared.

"Everyone just wants him to come home. It's a terrible situation. We are searching, but we've had no solid leads," the insider said.