Nick Stahl Missing, Wife Fears Drugs Involved

Actor Nick Stahl has been reported missing by his wife, according to reports. The star has had problems with drug abuse, and his wife fears that drugs may have played a factor in his disappearance.

Stahl has starred in such hits as "Bully," "Sin City," and "Terminator 3: Rise of the Machines." His wife, Rose, filed the missing person report on Monday, saying that she last saw him on May 9. There is the possibility that his drug use may have contributed to the disappearance.

Earlier this year, Rose filed documents in the Los Angeles court stating that she wanted to limit the amount of time Stahl would be able to spend with the couple's daughter, Marlon. Rose and Stahl separated in February and she petitioned the court for "monitored visitation" between Stahl and Marlon.

As part of the visitation agreement between Stahl and the court, Rose wanted proof that Stahl had not "used drugs in the past 24 hours," TMZ reported. To that extent, Stahl was to be administered a drug test before seeing his daughter.

Stahl's representative has remained silent throughout the entire ordeal and is doing so with these latest allegations as well.

Stahl has also had legal problems this year after being arrested for not paying the full amount of a cab bill. After arriving at his destination, Stahl told the driver he didn't have the money to pay, and the driver then flagged down a police officer. Stahl was arrested and forced to put up $500 in bail before being released.

It's a sad fact that actors portraying John Connor in the "Terminator" series have all had problems with drug or alcohol abuse. Thomas Dekker, who played Connor in the TV series "The Sarah Connor Chronicles" was arrested for DUI in 2009. Edward Furlong, who was Connor in "T-2," was arrested for DUI as well and was served with a restraining order by his ex-wife.

Right now police are treading lightly and investigating an area of Los Angeles known as "Skid Row," where drug dealing and violence is highly prevalent.