Nicki Minaj Cancels UK Festival Over Strained Vocal Chords: 'I am Human' (VIDEO)

Nicki Minaj was forced to cancel a U.K. festival after discovering that she was suffering injury to her vocal chords, but the news has upset some fans on Twitter who have retaliated against the singer.

Minaj ignored doctor's orders and performed on Aug. 14 in New York despite having "bruised vocal cords." But after the performance, the singer's condition had become worse, prompting her to cancel a future show.

"As a result [of that performance], the [cord] has gotten worse. After her most recent xray the doctor advises she rest her voice for a few more days," Minaj's representatives said in an email to MTV.

The cancelled performances included the two-day "V Festival," which was to take place in England over the weekend. While the singer was apologetic for her absence, she still received a number of angry tweets, prompting her to retaliate back.

"I am so thankful to my true fans who understand WHY I couldn't play#VFestival & WHY I can't play Dublin. Absolutely gutted," the singer tweeted on Monday morning. "However, if u have anything negative to say to me, please #EatS---AndDie - I am human."

In a second tweet only minutes afterwards she added, "I was in jeopardy of losing my voice entirely and needing surgery on my vocal chord (sic). If u can't understand that, your mother's a W---!"

The singer also added that she regretted performing in New York and ignoring the doctor's orders.

"I will NOT let you people make me feel horrible for a f------ HEALTH issue! That's what got me in this mess! I shldve listened 2 the doctor!" the singer said in a third tweet.

The singer referred to the negative tweets as the consequence of being famous.

"These r some of the consequences that come with fame. Ppl automatically think ur a robot with no feelings," she wrote.

To see the performance that led to Minaj's vocal cord dysfunction, see below (WARNING: Graphic language and themes in video).