Nicki Minaj 'Roman' Exorcism Grammy Performance Labeled 'Evil'

Nicki Minaj caused huge controversy at the Grammy Awards Sunday night. The singer arrived at the event in a seemingly desperate attempt to try and draw attention through offending people, wearing a questionable, hooded red dress standing alongside a man dressed up as what appeared to be the Pope.

If her red carpet showing wasn't offensive enough, her Grammy performance included an exorcism and speaking in tongues, and was certainly adjudged by many to be overboard.

Minaj took the stage with her song "Roman Holiday." From the very beginning, the performance took an offensive tone, with some even questioned on social media sites why Minaj was allowed to present such a performance at an event being watched by so many families and children.

"This was the most terrible thing I have ever seen. It was very, very disrespectful; and her voice and her music are simply awful. I honestly do not understand how the producers allowed such a thing," Megan wrote on the Just Jared blog.

Minaj opened with a scene that showed her "confessing" to a Priest through her rapping. She then took on a demonic appearance as she began to shake the confession wall, causing the Priest to cover his ears and scream.

"Is it just me, or does anyone else see the EVIL going on in this country," cause4liberty said on The Blaze blog site in response to the performance.

Next, a movie style clip showed up on the screens, with a title "The Exorcism of Roman" appearing. Minaj appeared in the clip being possessed by a demon. In the last scene she flings herself to the corner of the ceiling and looks down at the Priest. When the Priest asks "What is your name?" she screams "Roman" in a distorted demonic voice.

The performance then looked to show an act of exorcism, with dancers dressed in robes of different colors. In the middle two people in skin-colored body suits crawled on stage with helmets and long black ponytails, and began grabbing at Minaj.

A chorus then appeared and a choir began to sing "O Come All Ye Faithful." As a grand finale, Minaj was lifted up in an illusion looking to offer the appearance of her levitating to the middle of the stage. Throughout the entire performance, smoke and flames were also shot in the background.

The performance, as Minaj probably hoped for, sparked a vicious rebuke from religious viewers

"Is it just me or are we witnessing evil taking center stage…everywhere," average.joseph asked on The Beast blog in response to the performance. "If this was a movie or a novel it would be unbelievable and seem too contrived but this is real and I am afraid too many people are unaware or in denial of what is happening. People and institutions that are good and just are now the punchline of jokes and openly mocked. Please God forgive us."

Even those who weren't religious admitted that something appeared to be off about the performance which was way out of tone with the rest of the Grammy event. "I'm not religious like most of you are. Spiritual,… but not religious. But even I know that Niki Minaj's performance was completely preposterous," Manchurian.Candidate wrote.

Others argued that her performance had little basis. "The Grammys have become nothing more than a carnival freak show. It is no longer about the music," Jaycee said.

Her fellow musicians also appeared to be stunned by the performance. Although a small applause was given, it was inaudible in comparison to the standing ovations that both Adele and Taylor Swift received for their acts, which were far less complicated and theatrical.

Some fans even opposed the small applause that Minaj did receive. "I can't believe people applauded that garbage!!!! That is NOT talent!!!! So wrong in so many ways! Lord help us!" Jules wrote on the Just Jared blog.

The religious community is just the latest in a long line of groups to be offended by Minaj, who appears to go out of her way to gain publicity through controversy. The singer has continuously used outlandish schemes to garner more popularity. Her most recently released video titled "You a Stupid H--" was also banned from the Black Entertainment Network, after being cited inappropriate for television.