Nicki Minaj Video Insults Jennifer Aniston and Black Community

Nicki Minaj released a new music video Tuesday titled "You a Stupid H--." Although the video raked in more Vevo hits than any other music video on record, many were appalled.

The video begins with a direct insult to Jennifer Aniston and perhaps even Angelina Jolie. Minaj starts, "I'm Angelina you Jennifer," in which she relates her image to that of Jolie's in a disgraceful manner, then says "You see where Brad at."

The song then continues with, "You don't like them disses, give my a-- some kisses."

After the vulgar beginning, the song only gets more offensive as Minaj uses racial slurs and explicit images to promote her superior image. Niasia, a Huffington Post Community Moderator on the Post blog, called the video "simply appalling."

A blog user, Buttrflyy, said, "How embarrassing for AA (African American) women. This garbage is not only influencing a generation of impressionable, naive kids but also is mocking real music art and its standards."

"When the economic conditions in society change, and people start feeling threatened about their own security, that's when it often becomes acceptable to engage in racial slurring," according to Stanley Sue, professor of psychology at UCLA, who specializes in ethnicity and mental health.

She reported to The Seattle Times that, "It reflects hostility and fears over competition from other groups."

Minaj's case can be compared to Sue's statement, although the competition she appears to fear in her song is mostly from other African-American females in the hip-hop industry- mainly her rival, Brooklyn-based rapper Lil' Kim.

However, despite her claims of belonging to the culture (Minaj is mixed Afro-Trinidadian) most still agree that her word usage is inappropriate and harmful to the African-American community.

"There is no way to justify this garbage," the user faithnj said, backed by 215 fans.

"I wish there was a way to filter all of this junk out of African American culture. We need a movement that can help true artists break through. Our culture is being shackled by the dollars that come from people who can only enjoy the crassest entertainment," he said.

NeverRetro also was offended by the music video. "She set's black women back by years. Minaj is exactly what her video is titled. She's proud of it, too."

The rapper's new promo has racked up an impressive 4.8 million views in just 24 hours after being uploaded to Vevo, according to MTV. The site reported that 176,000 people disliked the clip, compared to 87,000 likes on the site.

(The explicit and graphic video in it's entirety can be viewed here.)